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Recently, Sarasa had the fantastic opportunity to record one of Luigi Boccherini's most moving and intimate works, his Stabat Mater for soprano and cello quintet with the magnificent Dominique Labelle. However, this endeavor comes with a hefty price tag, and we find ourselves in the position of having to rely heavily on generous support to finalize the project - to produce a CD that eloquently captures a rarely performed work, along with an equally rare string quartet and string quintet, a mere taste of the unknown hundreds that Boccherini composed. These all deserve to be much more widely known! To achieve this goal, we need your help to raise $20,000!

Your tax-deductible donation will allow for the editing, manufacturing and ultimate release of this very special CD, highlighting a truly outstanding composer who is championed by Labelle and Sarasa's period instrumentalists, performing on gut strings conjuring both warmth and immediacy in equal measure.

About the CD:

Luigi Rodolfo BOCCHERINI (1743-1805): Forgotten Gems - Stabat mater and chamber works for strings  with SARASA

Dominique Labelle, soprano
Elizabeth Blumenstock and Christina Day Martinson, violins
Jenny Stirling, viola
Phoebe Carrai and Timothy Merton, violoncellos

• Stabat mater, G. 532a (Prima versione, 1781)
• String Quartet in G major, Opus 52 No. 3, G. 234 (1795)
• String Quintet in F minor, Opus 42, No. 1, G. 348 (1789)

Anticipated release date: November 2016

A Little Bit of Heaven
: Dominique Labelle and Sarasa bring much needed attention and loving devotion to the works of a neglected composer.

The three gems performed on this recording are but a sampling of literally hundreds of scores of similar quality by Boccherini, simply waiting to be heard and re-discovered. He was tremendously famous in his day, with his works regularly published and performed throughout Europe. But once he died, his music seemed to disappear from the concert stage and publishers' catalogs. One of his most beautiful works is the "Stabat Mater," an 11-part meditation on Mary's suffering at the crucifixion of Jesus. Written in 1781, it is unique among similar castings of the material by other composers in that it is written only for one voice. Dominique Labelle was the jewel in the crown for bringing this neglected piece back to life; she was thrilled to resurrect this forgotten work with Sarasa.

Again - it is only with your donation that we can bring this worthy collection of Boccherini's music, performed by the internationally renowned musicians of Sarasa, to full fruition - engaging audiences new and old with the incredible works of an overlooked composer.

If God wanted to speak to man through music, he would do so through Haydn’s works; if, however, he wished to listen to music himself, he would choose the works of Boccherini. -Jean Baptiste Cartier, 1798

The only way we can be successful is with your help. We’re counting on your donation, in any amount that is significant to you, to help Sarasa all the way to the finish line and complete this Boccherini CD. Additionally - we need your help to spread the word - please share on Facebook, Twitter, email...anything you like! Donations of $125 or higher will receive a complimentary CD.

We sincerely appreciate your generous support.

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Boccherini CD Recording Session with Sarasa


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